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Man to Man

Weekly Topics...

1. Manhood Today - (understanding today’s manhood challenges and opportunities)
2. Looking Back - (understanding why your history often determines your future)
3. Unpacking - understanding your story and how it shapes your life)
4. The Dad Factor - (understanding how one man so powerfully influences your destiny)
5. Defining Manhood - (understanding you can’t become what you can’t define)
6. The Good Life - (understanding what it is and what it is not)
7. A Man and His Spiritual Journey - (understanding where you are and beyond)
8. Men and Women - (understanding how to successfully relate to women for a lifetime)
9. A Man and His Work - (understanding how to win in this key arena)
10. A Man and His World - (understanding how to better the world for generations to come)
Date / Time
  • Dates: Thursdays February 7 through May 2 
  • Times: Doors open and coffee flows at 5:45am, session ends at 7:30am
  • Where: Venture Christian Church, Venue 2; 16845 Hicks Rd, Los Gatos
  • What: Live presentation followed by a table discussion
  • Cost: Free

Registration closed on Thursday, February 28, 2019