Women's: Wed PM study

Wednesdays, 7 pm. Room 305

Contact: laura@venture.cc

Jan 24-May 1, 2024: RAHAB: Rediscovering the God Who Saves Me. Brand new Bible study written by Venture member Shadia Hrichi based upon the fascinating story of Rahab. God saved this courageous Canaanite prostitute from the destruction of Jericho and placed her in the lineage of Christ. Shadia will be teaching the class in person. Cost includes Bible study book.

All study books include a choice of 4 commitment levels, allowing you to choose a commitment level that meets you where you are. Whether you have just 10 minutes a day or are looking for a deep dive into Scripture, "Brave the Deep" is the group for you!

Study cost: $25

No childcare.