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Group Leader Application

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Group Leader Expectations

1. Spiritual Health: I will pursue a growing relationship with Christ through Bible reading, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.

2. Sexual Purity: I am currently living a sexually pure life according to God’s design revealed in the Bible. I commit to setting an example to others through living a life of purity where my sexuality is only expressed through a committed, monogamous marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

3. Commitment to My Group: I am committed to lead my group for the next ministry season.

4. Engaging & Safe Environment: I will encourage members to participate and take responsibility in the group by making the group a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved.

5. Confidentiality: I will honor confidentiality when people share within the group. If necessary, I will share confidential information with a Venture pastor or coach.

6. Encouragement & Prayer: I will regularly encourage and pray for each member in the group.

7. Open to New Guests: I will keep my group open and encourage group members to invite new people along the way.

8. Following Leadership & Continued Training: I will follow the Venture Pastoral leadership and attend trainings as I am able.

9. Group Roster & Group Details: I will update my group’s info (e.g. meeting location, meeting day & time, participant list) in the church database and/or with the ministry staff to help them make better planning and support. (More info @

If you completed reviewing the group leader expectations and agree to them, please type your name below (first and last name).