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20s/30s: Monday - Chris Wu

Monday at 8:00 PM    0.00 miles away

We are a group of 20s/30s who meet on Monday evenings virtually for Bible study and in person occasionally for activities!

20s30s: Abide

Thursday at 7:00 PM    0.00 miles away

For College, Young Adults, 20s/30s. We are a mid-sized community passionate about abiding in Jesus Christ and His Word. We meet Thursdays @ 7 PM onsite at Venture Christian Church. Worship, Teaching, and Life Groups

CC: Barlow Prayer Group

Tuesday at 8:30 AM    0.00 miles away

A Mandarin prayer group that meets on Tuesday mornings

LG: Christian Living

Sunday at 11:15 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

Multi-generational group meeting to discuss the sermon topic to become more like Jesus as we love, support and connect with each other. Sundays, 11:15am, Room 223

LG: Dan Avila

Tuesday at 7:30 PM    0.00 miles away

We are a Zoom based Life Group of mostly single people in our 20s and 30s. We're open for anyone to join and can't wait to meet you!

LG: Focus

Sunday at 11:15 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

Come experience fellowship, prayer, & Bible study to help you grow toward maturity in Christ! Sundays, 11:15am, Room 236

LG: Living Word

Sunday at 9:15 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

LIVING WORD is a welcoming place to study the Bible, book by book, in a caring, praying community. Join 20+ others in this Sunday morning group. Eight teachers rotate to lead lively discussions which focus on scripture application for everyday life to leave you refreshed and equipped to start each week. Sundays, 9:30am, Room 224

LG: Making Bridges

Tuesday at 6:30 PM    0.00 miles away

We're a group of experienced adults with grown kids that want to encourage one another through contemporary bible studies relevant to today's world. We will use online materials and encourage life on life sharing to impact friends and family. All are welcome. English speaking, and young adults welcome both men and women

LG: Men On The Rock

Sunday at 9:30 AM    0.00 miles away

Men on the Rock is a friendly, welcoming online men’s group committed to fellowship, prayer and growing in the Word. Come connect and study the Bible with us each Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.

LG: Naturalized US Citizens

Sunday at 1:00 PM    0.00 miles away

As naturalized US citizens and former catholics, we will encourage couples and young families towards Jesus Christ for single of point of guidance while balancing 2 different cultures. Using the most recent sermon from Pastor Tim, we will magnify God through discussion and cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.

MU: Hiking

    0.00 miles away

We are a group who goes on hikes ones or twice a month! Join our group so you can get updates for each hike that we'll go on.

MU: Middle School Mom's Coffee Hangout

Tuesday at 6:30 PM    0.00 miles away

Let’s meet up while our children are in 678 Tuesday nights - this is the perfect opportunity for fellowship, prayer and some coffee time. Nothing structured, but a safe place for us moms to chat about our tweens. All are welcome.

Women's: Toleno

Thursday at 9:30 AM    0.00 miles away

Moms Bible Study - We are a group of mom’s who want to grow deeper in the Word and strengthen our community with fellowship. Open to any mom, but childcare will not be provided. Virtual only

Women's: WOW 2020 - 2023

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    0.00 miles away

No matter your age, we want to journey through the Bible with you! We alternate between reading through the entire Bible together and slowly studying select books. Between live teaching, small group discussion time, and tools to help you really dig in, WOW is a great study for women who want to grow in their relationship with God and their knowledge of Scripture. Contact for more information.

LG: Dan and Chrissy

Sunday at 6:30 PM    0.22 miles away

My wife and I are looking to start a life group for families with kids in High School, College or recently graduates This is a new group. We would like to start 9/19 or 9/26 and would meet every week or every other week depending on availability of the group

LG: Mark Skovmand

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    1.33 miles away

San Jose     95124-5639

Made up of 60+ couples and singles. We encourage deep loving relationships with God to truly care for others and various ministries. Due to the virus, we meet using Zoom on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm with an optional extended time for fellowship.

LG: Daley - We are meeting live, in person!

No Schedule    1.44 miles away

San Jose     95120-3916

Leaders: Richard and Londa Daley. We are a mixed group of couples and singles, mostly in our 50's or 60's with college-age or older kids. We emphasize spiritual growth and deeply explore God's word through open and honest communication and sharing. We meet in person on Tuesdays from 7:30-9 PM. Contact for more details.

Men's: South San Jose/Almaden

Wednesday at 7:30 PM    1.52 miles away


Join us as we grow toward Christ-like manhood. We strive to listen, pray for, and encourage each other, yet hold each other accountable amid an atmosphere of transparency and vulnerability. It is about "doing life together" in community. This is a "brown bag" gathering of men where the catalyst for discussion each week can range from the Sunday sermon, topical books, or relevant issues in our lives. From time to time, we engage in ministry opportunities in the community. Our goal is to also have a fun and enjoyable time together!

LG: Clyde Beck

Tuesday at 7:00 PM    1.55 miles away

San Jose     95118-2128

We are a friendly group of both couples and singles. We strive to become more like Jesus by discussing the sermons and related scriptures, and supporting/caring for each other in prayer and practical ways. We have occasional social and service events. Starting September 14, we will meeting in person at our house. Because of our stage in life, we do ask that you have a vaccine before joining us in person in our home. We are eager to meet you and have you join our group! If you wish to join us, please click on the "contact" button to let the group leader, Clyde Beck, know.

LG: Jeehee/Devon

Sunday at 4:00 PM    2.32 miles away

Couples and singles welcome! We focus on Bible study and supporting each other. We usually follow published Bible study materials, with an emphasis on life application.

LG: Schweigert

Saturday at 7:00 PM    2.43 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-3726

Members are parents with school-aged kids ranging from 6 yrs old to 13. We meet at 7 pm for Bible Study and prayer time over Zoom.

LG: Dollahite

Sunday at 5:00 PM    2.90 miles away

San Jose     95120-5415

Mature Christians growing in Christ together. We study the Bible using other aids only when Venture requests. Committed to support each other in prayer and physically as requested. We encourage each person to find their place in ministry to the community. We provide resources for those who want to lead their own group. Sundays 5 PM.

Men's: Licata & Lindsay (Online) - Tues a.m.

Tuesday at 6:00 AM    3.03 miles away

San Jose     95123-4518

We meet weekly to share God stories & pray for each other. We believe in praying personal, positive & faith filled prayers, bringing each other's needs before God. And God is changing our lives & answering prayer! Join us!

LG: Griffing

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    3.37 miles away

San Jose     95136-2601

LG: Jim and Becky Trovato

Tuesday at 6:30 PM    3.67 miles away

We are a group of experienced adults with grown kids that want to pray for and encourage one another through bible studies that are relevant to today's world. We will discuss and agree on the use of online materials to focus our studies, or we may also choose to follow the Sunday teachings and do a deeper dive into that material. The goal is to impact our families, friends and local communities. We are an English speaking group and all are welcome, young and old, men and women, couples and singles.

LG: Almaden Bible Study group (Bruce)

Saturday at 7:30 AM    3.70 miles away

Join us on Saturday mornings as we learn more about God, praise God, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and develop trust in one another. We also plan to do outdoor activities together (biking, hiking) or serve a need at someone's house.

LG: Luzod

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    4.18 miles away

San Jose     95123-1432

Our bible study group is open to anyone wanting to learn more about Christ as a group. Our members consist of all types of backgrounds (couples, singles, teens, both men and women). We meet in our home and choose together as a group what we would like to study. Our goal is to encourage each other in our walk with Christ and to be able to learn from each other's backgrounds.

LG: Amy Leblanc

Thursday at 7:00 PM    4.68 miles away

We are a Life Group open for anyone to join. We hope that you can find a great place here with us! We focus on the sermons from the Sunday service and spend time in prayer for each other.

LG: Johnson

Sunday at 3:00 PM    5.01 miles away


Anyone can join our small group. We cover what Venture is covering in their sermons. We are currently doing online zoom meetings each Sunday from 3:00pm-5:00pm (Except Holidays). Call Mary Johnson 408-644-1184 for questions or directions.

20s30s: Thursday - Enns

Thursday at 7:30 PM    6.05 miles away

We're a group of married couples in our 20's without kids that meet weekly in the south bay. This is a group centered on pursuing God through study, discussion, and prayer, building community by sharing life and meals inside and outside of the group, and unleashing compassion by serving locally together. Our meeting location can vary between San Jose and Sunnyvale depending on who's hosting. Join us!

KC: Chun

    6.58 miles away

Men's: Overton/Doane (Saratoga/Cambrian)

Monday at 7:00 PM    6.74 miles away

Saratoga     95070-4514

Join us as we grow as God's men! We rotate meeting place between the co-leaders homes in Saratoga and Cambrian.

Women's: MacDonnell

Monday at 11:30 AM    8.49 miles away

San Jose     95138-2206

A women's group made up of all ages and meets every other Monday for lunch, prayer time, and bible study. We are currently studying the books of the bible and will start Revelations in November 2019.

LG: Brian & Yari

Sunday at 4:00 PM    9.69 miles away

We are a group of couples (with and without kids). We use sermon content and questions as a basis for our discussion time. It’s our desire to balance discussion time with fellowship so we can grow together and develop friendships.

WP: GracePal @ PayPal

Thursday at 1:00 PM    10.57 miles away

We meet every Thursday at PayPal in room 17.3.20 from noon to 1pm. We also have a Slack channel and WhatsApp group if people like to join.

LG: Love and Respect Series

Tuesday at 6:30 PM    11.63 miles away

We are a group of couples going through a marriage series called "Love and Respect". My wife and I will be leading this group together and look forward to you joining us! This series is 10 weeks long and we will focus on encouraging and building up our spouses in the different ways we each need. Dating/engaged couples welcome. Tuesday Nights, 6:30-8:30.

Men's: Josh/Austin

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    13.61 miles away

We are a group of Men seeking to grow in a Christ -centered community, meeting weekly in person and Zoom. On occasion we'll meet up for a fun group activity as well. Venture is starting a small group as a whole church on 9/12/21. Before then our group will be meeting together to build a community, BBQ/other events to get to know one another

If you are unable to find a group to join, please email and we'll help you get connected.