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20s30s: Abide

Thursday at 7:00 PM    0.00 miles away

For College, Young Adults, 20s/30s. We are a mid-sized community passionate about abiding in Jesus Christ and His Word. We meet Thursdays @ 7 PM onsite at Venture Christian Church. Worship, Teaching, and Life Groups

KC: Barnabas

Sunday at 1:30 PM    0.00 miles away

We are a Korean group of 65 and above that meet at Venture after the 11:15 Sunday service. we are primarily a Korean Speaking. We share weekly life, what and how our Lord has done, and the current sermon of the Lord’s words.

KC: Rhee

Sunday at 1:30 PM    0.00 miles away

We are a Korean group of 50's and 60’s plus that meet at Venture after the 11:15 Sunday service. We are primarily Korean speaking Life Group. We share weekly life, what and how our Lord has done, and the current sermon of the Lord’s words.

LG: Intentional Parenting

Sunday at 12:45 PM    0.00 miles away

We are a group for families with kids ranging from 3 to 11. We'll meet at 12:45 every Sunday. We'll have our meeting at the church, connect, eat food together, and study parenting materials. We will be going through Doug Field's "Intentional Parenting" study. In addition, we examine Scripture and how it relates to parenting. “May the Lord cause you to flourish, both you and your children. May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” ‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭115:14-15‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

LG: Matt/Ciara (Tuesday Night)

Tuesday at 7:30 PM    0.00 miles away

We are an Online based Life Group of mostly single people in our 20s and 30s. We use Google Meet. We're open for anyone to join and can't wait to meet you! We typically discuss the sermon from Sunday and pray together.

LG: Sunday Morning (Focus)

Sunday at 11:15 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

Come experience fellowship, prayer, & Bible study to help you grow toward maturity in Christ! Sundays, 11:15am, Room 211

LG: Sunday Morning (Living Word)

Sunday at 9:00 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

LIVING WORD is a welcoming place to study the Bible, book by book, in a caring, praying community. Join us for lively discussions focused on scripture application for everyday life. You'll leave refreshed and equipped to start each week. Sundays, 9:00 am, Room 211

Men's: Men On The Rock

Sunday at 9:30 AM    0.00 miles away

Men on the Rock is a friendly, welcoming online men’s group committed to fellowship, prayer and growing in the Word. Come connect and study the Bible with us each Sunday morning at 9:00 AM.

Men's: Wong (Thursday)

Thursday at 8:00 AM    0.00 miles away

Our Men's Group purpose is to have healthy, honest, humble discussions on purpose, relationships, and faith. HOW Through conversations where there is a little discovery, a little reflection, and it may be a little bit uncomfortable . . . but safe. VALUES 1. Do life together. 2. Help guys help guys. 3. ASK! There are never any "bad" questions. 4. Confidentiality.

MU: Hiking

No Schedule    0.00 miles away

We are a community of hikers who love the Lord and enjoy exploring the wondrous beauty He created. We meet once a month for hikes typically within a 30 minute radius of Venture Church. Join our group so you can get updates for each hike that we'll go on.

MU: Paceline Cycling Group

Saturday at 8:00 AM    0.00 miles away

Paceline Cycling strives to build a community of cyclists who recognize that Christ needs to set the pace for our lives. We host monthly recreational rides for both Mountain Biking and Road Biking as well as sponsor monthly outreach opportunities for serving the Bay Area Cycling Community. Each link in the chain is key to establishing the Paceline community and requires each member to be an active participant whether you’re a rider, planning a riding route, or serving the cycling community. We offer month Road and Mountain Bike Rides. We typically meet on Saturdays but sometimes meet on Sunday. Each month the dates change of the rides.

Sunday Seniors Fellowship

Weekly: Sundays at 8:00 AM    0.00 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-6631

60+ group committed to authentic community, God’s Word, prayer, and serving. Sundays, 8am, Venue 2

Men's : Wed PM Zoom

Wednesday at 6:30 PM    0.09 miles away

Online study called 2nd Samuel Begins Sept 14th, 2022 Wednesdays, 6:30pm | Online Email Bert ( or Mike ( for more information & to get connected

LG: Learning To Love

Sunday at 11:15 AM    0.14 miles away

We're a new group starting up on September 11th. We are going to focus on the wonderful opportunity that we have as Christians to show God's love to others! As we gather we'll focus on practical ways that we can love others (in challenging times and situations). We'll meet in Room 223 @ Venture.

LG: Watkins

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    0.28 miles away

San Jose     95120-5030

We'd love to have you join our group. We're open to couples and singles joining us. We meet Wednesday evenings for encouragement, studying the Bible, and prayer.

LG: Hong (Monday)

Monday at 7:00 PM    0.66 miles away

Los Gatos     95032-5108

We'll resume October 2022. We're a group of couples and singles closer to retirement than not following the sermon series on Sunday. Most of the time we meet on Zoom, but occasionally gather for a meal together.

MU: Mtn Bike Group

Saturday at 8:00 AM    1.24 miles away

Sometimes "church" becomes community when we connect with people around an activity that we simply love to do. Mountain Biking provides that kind of connecting point. Join us for our Saturday morning rides (weather permitting)!

LG: Jeehee/Devon

Every 2 weeks: Tuesdays at 7:00 PM    2.32 miles away

Couples and singles welcome! We focus on Bible study and supporting each other. We usually follow published Bible study materials, with an emphasis on life application.

LG: Allen

Wednesday at 7:15 PM    2.51 miles away

We are families with teenagers studying the word of God, growing together in Christ, and building relationships with each other. The adults participate in the group discussion and some of the teenagers come to hang out.

LG: Dollahite

Sunday at 3:00 PM    2.90 miles away

San Jose     95120-5415

Mature Christians growing in Christ together. We study the Bible using other aids only when Venture requests. Committed to support each other in prayer and physically as requested. We encourage each person to find their place in ministry to the community. We provide resources for those who want to lead their own group. Sundays 3 PM.

Men's: Licata & Lindsay (Online) - Tues a.m.

Tuesday at 6:30 AM    3.03 miles away

San Jose     95123-4518

We meet weekly to share God stories & pray for each other. We believe in praying personal, positive & faith filled prayers, bringing each other's needs before God. And God is changing our lives & answering prayer! Join us!

LG: Jaeckel

Tuesday at 7:00 PM    3.07 miles away

San Jose     95118-1753

"Our group is currently comprised of adults ages 60+ and we are excited to meet you and have you join our group! We'll be meeting in person. Because of our exposure to at-risk people, we do ask that you be fully vaccinated before joining us in our home.

Men's: Dan O'Gorman

Monday at 6:00 PM    3.13 miles away

We are a group of men meeting weekly. We meet for bible study, encouragement, and fun. Join us!

WOMEN'S: Life In The Middle

The 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM    3.44 miles away

Life in The Middle (LITM) is for women in their 40s to 60s. Many are in the process of launching young adult children to college and beyond. Not all of us are mothers or married. We are fellowship and fun focused as we aim to build community with women at Venture in this transitional season of life. We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. Light dinner served. For more information and to sign up, email us at

Women's Healing & Encouragement: Giannatos

Thursday at 7:00 PM    4.11 miles away

We are a group for women who gather weekly for encouragement, fun, prayer, and bible study. This is a brand new group and we'll pick a study together in the first few weeks after we start. Our focus will be sharing life and supporting each other while keeping Jesus in our center.

LG: Santizo (Wednesday)

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    4.41 miles away

My wife Nicole and I have been married for 21 amazing years and have two great kids (Luke - 16 - Junior & Talia 14 - Freshman). We live in Willow Glen and our kids attend Valley Christian High School. The focus of our in-person group beyond growing closer in Christ will be to connect with other parents with teens or similar ages as well as discuss how to strengthen our marriages and live a purposeful and adventurous life. While this group is primarily focused on married couples, its open to others as well.

Answers to Hard Questions Online

Tuesday at 7:00 PM    4.97 miles away

Would you like to know how to think about being a Christian in today's world? Are you or anyone you know skeptical of Christianity? Are you looking for answers to questions that seem to have no good answers? Do you want to grow in your relationship with Christ and to be more effective in engaging others for the gospel? Then this online study will help you grow in your understanding of Christianity and help you to become a more confident witness for Christ.

LG: Johnson

Sunday at 3:00 PM    5.01 miles away


Anyone can join our small group. (No childcare provided). We cover what is in Pastor Tim's sermons each Sunday. We are currently doing online zoom meetings each Sunday from 3:00pm-4:00pm (Except Holidays). We are meeting in person once per month and on line three times per month. Call Mary Johnson for questions (408) 644-1184 or send an email to:

LG: Barnett

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    5.40 miles away

Campbell     95008-1942

Our group is amazing, they want to grow spiritually and love to be in Gods word together. We are ages 40-70 and are multicultural. We love to learn together and have several social activities each year. Wednesday 7 PM.

LG: Ferris

The 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 12:00 AM    6.06 miles away

We are focused on intentional connection with couples and students to come alongside them in their season of life. To pray and share how Christ has changed our lives.

LG: Shimada

Sunday at 7:00 PM    7.33 miles away

Saratoga     95070-4448

A group of couples in our 50s currently meeting on Sunday 7-9pm in person.

Women's: MacDonnell

Thursday at 9:30 AM    8.49 miles away

San Jose     95138-2206

A women's group that meets on Thursday mornings (9:30 - 11:30) for prayer and study. We meet at different homes monthly. Our age range is 50's to 70's. The group is planning to start back in the Fall 2022 on the book of Revelations.

LG: Hosea Berhane

Thursday at 7:00 PM    8.60 miles away

We are a group of men walking through life together, encouraging and strengthening each other. Most of us have walked through various struggles/challenges and we want to challenge each other to grow in our faith and walk in sexual purity as men. Join us, we cant wait to meet you!

LG: Schweigert

Friday at 6:30 PM    9.80 miles away

Cupertino     95014-4143

Members are parents with school-aged kids ranging from 9yrs old to 15. We meet on Friday at 6pm for Bible Study and prayer time over Zoom.

LG: Marriage Study (Love & Respect)

Sunday at 4:00 PM    11.62 miles away

We are a group of couples going through a marriage series on Love & Respect. My wife and I will be leading this group together and look forward to you joining us! This 10 week long series will start in July and we will focus on encouraging and building up our spouses in the different ways we each need. Dating/engaged couples welcome. We will start on 7/10 and go for 10 weeks.

LG: Kelly (Wednesday)

Wednesday at 7:00 PM    23.95 miles away

We are a new South County group open to married couples and single adults. We'll be meeting Wednesday evenings and will start off by focusing on Tim's sermon from the previous Sunday. We're focused on sharing openly and encouraging each other. We're better, together

If you are unable to find a group to join, please email and we'll help you get connected.