Almaden Families Following Jesus

Group Leaders

Darlene Dueck, Steve Dueck


Group Details

Sunday at 10:45 AM
San Jose, CA 95120-4638

More Information


The vision for our Almaden Families group is for Christian families here in the Almaden neighborhood to be in relationship with one another so as to build up a visible presence of God's Church in the community. Together, we want our families of faith to be healthy, integrated and living out their faith 24x7 while also reaching out to our Almaden neighbors with the love of Jesus Christ. Even though we are glad to be Venture Church sponsored, because of our desired to unite all families of faith here in Almaden, we don't plan on going through any church specific curriculum. We are purposely wanting to grow friendships among all followers of Jesus in the community where together we can have greater collective influence as One Body. We want our good deeds, acts of service and love for one another to shine as bright as possible to bring God the greatest glory.

Men & Women
Childcare Provided